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Today's Authors Wear Many Hats

Productivity From A Diverse Skill Set

The life of an author in today’s world isn’t comprised of simply sitting at a computer and dreaming up stories.

That’s a luxury reserved for very few. Today’s authors need to create their own brands, help their publishers, manage social media and leverage writing skills in creative ways that go beyond just books. Over the past two years, my skills focused on:

  • Helping build a start-up boutique publisher
  • Writing several websites to support publisher and brands
  • Writing five books in two genres
  • Managing numerous social media sites
  • Contributing blogs, book reviews, poetry
  • Curating new authors, new genres, and new ideas

Establishing brands today means not only having strong online showrooms, but also establishing a branded social media presence, on a multitude of platforms. Setting these up is the easy part; writing for them on a daily basis takes massive amounts of creativity and time. All that time paid off for our signature cartoon series, Salty Splashes Collection, whose Facebook page now exceeds 26,000 Likes from all over the world.

Today’s author is an entrepreneur.

A debut author is just as much a start-up as a corporate entity. Anyone who’s tried their hand at entrepreneurship will understand the deep commitment start-ups demand. Dedication, a vested interest, and love for what we do is the entrepreneurs’ adrenaline. The gravy, for me, is being able to also write quality fiction and be part of a dynamic team of creative partners.

New Genres Coming

My expansion into new genres for an older audience has now started. My new middle-grade novel, Piranhas Like S’mores, will be released October 2014;  a young adult novel is due 2017. For information on Piranhas, please visit www.piranhaslikesmores.com or its dedicated page on this site.

New Authors for Balcony 7 Media and Publishing Are On My Radar

Visit www.balcony7.com to discover my new editing projects; dynamic adult fiction and non-fiction titles, including socio-political, faith-based, cancer survival, murder mystery, international intrigue and historical fiction.

Scroll down to view my own current and upcoming titles, and my portfolio of poetry, blogs, and reviews. Book details for all titles are located on dedicated pages. For more information about me and why literacy fuels my writing, visit my About page. While you’re there, peek into my Social Media Feed to view my posts.

If you’d like to leave a comment or inquire about an author event, speaking engagement, radio/television booking, or anything at all, please visit my Contact page and either I or my publisher will reply.

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JZ Bingham

Introducing My New Series


5 stars

Foreword Review

Channel Blue, Riders of the Storm
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Just In Time For Summer

A Classic Summer Tale

Boys and girls of all ages will fall in love with our new characters, new illustrator, and tongue-twisting rhyme, telling the story of competition, integrity, and friendship, set against a beautiful backdrop of beach, surf and sun.

Channel Blue, Riders of the Storm, is Book Four in the Salty Splashes Collection, and introduces a host of dynamic new characters in full-size and full-color splendor. An exciting book for story time with pre-schoolers, written for a 2nd-3rd grade reading level.

Introducing the multi-dimensional graphic-arts expertise of Jason Buhagiar, and the tightly woven metered rhymes of JZ Bingham.

Heirloom-quality, jacketed hardcovers are now available. Kindle, Read To Me and Audiobook are in development.

Click the link below to visit the Salty Splashes page for a Look Inside The Book, book details, synopsis, and author comments.

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An Exciting Middle-Grade Debut

Witty. Clever. Unforgettable.


Softcover | Hardcover Available Oct 23

Title: Piranhas Like S’mores

Author: JZ Bingham

ISBN: 978-1-939454-26-3

Paperback: $12.95 USD | $13.95 CAD

Trim: 5.25″ x 8.0″ | 168 pages

Alternative Formats: Hardcover ($16.95), Ebook ($5.99)

Audience: Ages 9+

BISAC: Juvenile Fiction | Chapter Books | Adolescence | Family

TRADE ORDERS: IPS, MackinVIA, Overdrive

5-Star Review and Praise

5-Star Foreword Review | Piranhas Like S'mores


Bingham should be commended for managing to address life’s harsh realities within a comic tale sometimes so ridiculous that piranhas dine on s’mores. But what really stands out is the author’s knack for conveying an authentic preteen voice. Piranhas Like S’mores will strike a chord with all readers. A fun caper that navigates the tricky landscape of adolescence as characters explore lessons in honesty, compassion, and grief.

Foreword Review by Amanda McCorquodale

“I wish I had a book like this to read growing up. A great adventure with a love for fish.”

Mat Roy, President & COO of Living Color Aquariums & Cast member on Nat Geo WILD’S Fish Tank Kings

“Love Piranhas? Not as hard as it sounds with this ‘tween adventure that takes a tasty bite out of real emotions to learn from and live by. A great ride.”

John Wilder, Award-Winning Screenwriter, Producer, Director (Centennial, Spenser for Hire & more) 

“Funny, fast-paced and full of surprises. Kids are going to love Piranhas because it’s real and speaks to them.”

Joe Gazzam, Veteran Screenwriter (21 Jump Street, It Takes A Thief & more), Author (Uncaged)

Back Cover Copy

Klyde Perry isn’t your average 11-year-old New Yorker. His comically shrewd nature and laser-beam insights reveal a wit and wisdom beyond his years. Join Klyde and his cohorts, cousin Bonney and rich friend, Seldon, as they team up for the Science Fair with an over-the-top project that involves stocking Seldon’s “ginormous” aquarium with piranhas.

Just as their project begins in earnest, a serious turn interrupts their carefree lives, propelling a tender coming-of-age and a deeply satisfying ending that brings us full circle, laced with humor all the while.

A memorable and unique story that captures the reality of life through the charmingly witty voice of preteens, proving such interruptions can be positive growth periods if accompanied by an ample supply of love and compassion.

Click the green button above to visit the Piranhas page for book details, a full synopsis, a chapter excerpt, and comments by JZ Bingham. For another chapter excerpt and publisher-direct savings, visit www.piranhaslikesmores.com

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